Why I Love This, By The Little Monsters Community

Little Monsters by Lady Gaga is a unique place filled with passionate fans that love to connect with not only Lady Gaga, but with others who share the same love and passion. It’s a home built by Little Monsters, For Little Monsters.

Little Monsters
Born This Way Is A Staple Of Lady Gaga’s Community

The Challenges Of Large, Flat Social Platforms

Specialized content, unique experience, and exclusive access can be a driving force behind the power of a social network. There’s much to be said on delivering loads of great content and information to your audience, but the power of a connected network must go deeper than simply the platform itself.

The unifying component in large platforms is often times the diversity of the content and network-effect of content potentially going viral and reaching the masses. In focused networks, the central component or, “Why Am I Here” question has to be a bold vision that unites the community and brings people together for reasons other than simply the appeal of going viral.

Communities need leaders; not owners. Little Monsters is a place where Gaga fans want to be because the leaders in the community consistently reinforce the mission and vision that Lady Gaga has set forth. Monsters are accepted for who they are, regardless of religion, sex, skin tone or beliefs. All users and members of the community have a unique place and are welcome in this community.

Little Monsters Is Special

We asked the Little Monsters community why they love being apart of the community and how this unique space is something near and dear to their heart.

LM is a safe haven for people like me. We carry our burdon silently until we are able to speak out to a gold hearted community leader like Lady Gaga. I’ve learned so much about friendship, acceptance and love. I realize there are people fighting the same identity fights like myself when I was younger. The spirit in the community, in my community, is what lifts you up when you’re down, hugs you when you’re sad and is a friend when you need it.

— Little Monster user @ladyonwheels

I love this community because it’s like a big family. Little Monsters are the best fan base in the world and I would like to thank Gaga for creating this space for us to share our love and art.

— Little Monster user @iriiia

It’s so amazing to have our own place to share our love for Lady Gaga. This app (community) unites Little Monsters from all over the world.

— Little Monster user @Steffi239

We can all learn something from these individuals that have come together as one.

As much as the foundation of the community is Lady Gaga herself, users have opted to embody thoughts, behavior, and mindset that Lady Gaga has set forth. Users are driven to engage with one another based on their desire to find and connect with other individuals who share like-minded passions that align with theirs.

Lady Gaga
A Little Monsters Review In The App Store

Because of these characteristics, Little Monsters has also become a safe haven for fans seeking support with mental health, identity, and well-being challenges. Gaga herself is a big supporter of these causes and thus her community takes her perspective and amplifies the objective ultimately delivering on her mission.

Give Your Community The Power To Own A Piece Of It

The elements to empower a community to feel “owned” by the community start with the branding. The look, feel and experience of the community should reflect a message that empowers all members to feel like they have a small stake. Lady Gaga fans recognize themselves as Little Monsters, it’s a part of their life and self-identity that cannot be deterred. The community has taken a life of its own and that’s entirely due to the fact that the sense of ownership starts with the community.

The real question here is, “how do we take what Lady Gaga has done and replicate?”

The Foundation of Little Monsters is repeatable.

Yes, you may be thinking that it’s very difficult to quickly build an audience with the same level of love and passion that Gaga has built; you’re correct in that building audience of this scale and passion is difficult.

But the repeatability aspect of this community is presented loud and clear. People are looking for others that share the same passions and experiences as them. By giving your community a home they have a dedicated space to aggregate and organize.

Don’t just give your audience any home on a big social network, give them their home in a space just for them.

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