Product Updates

Honeycommb is a place for your community. We’re constantly improving the product to keep you updated with the latest and greatest in community technology.

April, 2020

March, 2020

iOS 1.42.4 |Android 1.42.4 | Updates & Improvements

  • Fixed a bug that caused some users to not see links via DMs
  • Updated overlays in search bar UX
  • Fixed a bug that caused Facebook/Twitter to not deep-link properly Improve data shared to Apple on every release:
    • Support URL
    • Privacy Policy URL
    • Copyright Info
    • Primary Category

February, 2020

Share Posts To Group On Web!


Share content to groups directly on the web, just released last week!

iOS 1.42.3 |Android 1.42.4 | Updates & Improvements

  • Update closed group permissions
  • Admins can now track& view user searches in-app!
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements

Control Center Updates

  • Updates to “Post Notification” Text We’ve had some feedback from partners to adjust the copy. Now, instead of “Check It Out” new post notifications will say “Have A Look”
  • Validate SSL Inputs When dealing, managing and setting up custom community domains, we’ve added some checks and balances to make sure the the SSL certificate and Private Key are in order!

Android 1.42.3 | Updates & Improvements

  • Patch for a database version bump

Android 1.42.2 | Updates & Improvements

  • Slide Out Menu Updates (see post on slide out menu)
  • Improvements to Search Bar on dark backgrounds inverting color overlay
  • Bug fixes & performance improvements of course 😄

Android 1.42.1 | Updates & Improvements

  • Additional tracking and analytic capture
  • Display Fixes for long community names in onboarding
  • Performance Improvements

Slide Out Menu Updates

Slide out updates are applied across the entire platform

A couple of new updates coming to the slide out menu! We’re creating easier access points to Groups & Members in your slide out. In an update pushing to all platforms (Android, iOS, Web) will add the two new menu items deep linking directly to the search columns in discover.

January, 2020

iOS 1.42 | Android 1.42 | Updates & Improvements

  • Additional tracking and analytic capture
  • Videos now auto-reset once they have playing for easy watching
  • Additional tracking and analytic capture
  • Better error messages for profile updates
  • Fixed a bug where users had an error adding to home in discover
  • Additional security connection to the cloud Please send any questions to your success manager or make a comment on this post!

iOS 1.41.4 | Android 1.41.3 | Updates & Improvements

  • Users can now “copy” text in DMs by holding down and selecting the text
  • Additional analytics for tracking user sessions
  • Squashed a small bug where the “verified” star in DMs wasn’t appearing for some users
  • Performance Improvements

December, 2019

iOS 1.41.3 | Android 1.41.2 | Updates & Improvements

  • We’ve updated the video uploading limit from 2 minutes to 5 minutes! So now users can upload longer videos to the community
  • Squashed a small bug where users had trouble canceling their live stream broadcast
  • Slide out menu items can now link directly to a the default external browser (like Safari or chrome) or keep a user in-app with the in-app web browser. By default, we’ll keep people in-app with our native browser.
  • If your community has not integrated Facebook, we’ve removed the ability to “share to facebook” to comply with Apple’s accordance for sharing content from the app.
  • We’ve made improvements to the zero state on hashtags so the “tags” in your search bar will follow these rules:
    • If there are no hashtags the section headers are not shown
    • If there are top hashtags they show in a top section
    • If there are category tags they show in a category section

Control Center | Updates & Improvements

  • The confirmation email users receive when creating their account is now updated with a few micro copy adjustments to simplify the onboarding experience
  • For slide-out menu buttons, community owners now have the ability to choose if they want to use the in-app web browser or point to an external browser via the button. So, if you’re using a “Donate” button for example, you can point to your donate page to comply with Apple’s app store rules!
  • We’ve updated the social sharing button to remove Facebook if community administrators have not integrated Facebook as a sign up method.
  • Communities can now support transactional email address masking! Please reach out to your Success Manager to set up further white-labeling and customization. Read More here.
  • We’ve added a new type of feed banner: Now you can create a dismiss-able feed banner that will last longer than 48 hours

November, 2019

iOS 1.4.2 | Android 1.4.1 | Updates & Improvements

  • For all of our iOS users, we now fully support iOS 13! You’ll notice a couple small differences in the UI and experience that are improved
  • We now also support login with username! You’re no longer required to only use your email to log into accounts for your app.
  • A couple of other small under the hood updates as well.

iOS 1.41 | Android 1.41 | Control Center Updates & Improvements

  • Improved error messages when users are onboarding and creating their accounts.
  • Additional analytic tracking events are now recorded
  • [CC] New Web Hook Type: Pre-Approval User Created. Using this webhook, you can automatically send an individual event externally when either uploading a CSV or individual pre-approval to your Honeycommb community.
  • [CC] Updates to the trending hashtag algorithm. We’ve simplified the trending algorithm to order by hashtag posts count descending. The most used hashtags will show in descending order; all time

Control Center Updates & Improvements

  • [CC] Webhooks now have a description field next to them so you can add more of a description in regards to where you’re sending the data.
  • [CC] Posts can now only be shared into ONE (1) group at at time so administrators will have a new group “add” button in the control center.

iOS 1.40.11 | Android 1.40.11 | Control Center Updates & Improvements

  • A couple of small bug fixes in the input fields to onboarding.
  • [WEB] Tweaks to your group registration pages that improve the formatting for user sign up
  • [CC] Web hooks! Be on the look out for more information coming out soon about web hooks or read our overview article here.

October, 2019

iOS 1.40.10 | Android 1.40.9 Updates & Improvements

  • Direct Messaging is now moved! We’ve improved the location of your DMs to the top navigation bar of your home feed so it’s simpler to access your chats and discussions.
  • Hamburger menu is added on the top navigation bar as well so you can access your slide out menu easer.
  • We’ve also made an improvement to the URL scraper for links that are shared so now communities will be smarter at pulling in meta data from content across external websites
  • [CC] In your control center, there are two components that will also change with groups: They no longer can be moved from one group to another group and content can only be posted into one group at a time. This update is made to avoid any issues with content from restricted groups being seeing from members not in that group.

iOS 1.40.9 Minor Bug Fix

  • Improvements to tracking on a couple of events that are captured around onboarding

iOS 1.40.8 | Android 1.40.8 | Control Center Updates & Improvements

  • [Mobile] Small bug fixes and updates to tracking analytics in the onboarding experience for your community
  • [Mobile] We’ve removed the article (“the”) on notifications for new members if you’ve enabled them
  • [CC] Age & Birthdate are no longer required fields when creating a user via the control center
  • [CC] Allow batch approval for users in private networks. Now, you don’t have to approve people one by one 😄
  • [CC] Updates to the search for email address, you no longer need to match the character type specifically
  • For users that hit an error when sending their credentials to mail chimp, we’ve added a backup & retry effort so that mail chimp won’t reject users based on their validation tool

iOS 1.40.7 | Android 1.40.7 Small Updates & Improvements

  • Users can now follow other users directly from discover! Matching the feature on the web, there is a “Add To Home” button for other community members on content accessed via discover
  • We’ve brushed up formatting for Terms Of Service, Data Policy and Privacy policy to display better carriage returns, spacing and rendering to make sure information is easily readable and digested from your community
  • Updates to your Facebook SDK to comply with requirements from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store
  • Web Log In pages can now handle long descriptions that are extended past the screen and render correctly

September, 2019

iOS 1.40.6 | Android 1.40.6 Small Updates & Improvements

  • Reset Password now deeplinks directly into the app instead of pointing you to the browser of choice on your device
  • For admins, you now have access to a version of your control center in your slide out menu. This version contains only the users in your community (don’t worry, more coming soon)
  • Small micro copy updates in the onboarding flow
  • Updates to your notification options in a user very own “settings”
  • Updates to the Facebook SDK 5.5

iOS 1.40.5 & CORE Performance Improvements

  • A small bug fix to correctly display the Terms of Service upon sign up for a small number of impacted users
  • The control center now renders the asset when you click on the “view” button. Very simple, but should let you see your assets 😄
  • The control center will now display a “CURRENT SIGN IN AT” on each contact record to indicate the last time that user was seen

iOS 1.40.4 | Android 1.40.5 Bug Fixes & Performance Improvements

  • Additional tracking & data collection
  • Foundation of conversational awareness, more to come here!

August, 2019

iOS 1.40.3 | Android 1.40.3 Bug Fixes & Performance Improvements

  • Admins! Now you can feature content directly from the community experience! No need to feature via the Control Center. Reach out to your Success Manager for assistance or help here. Community leader accounts are designated as admins for your network.
  • The activity count (unread activity) is now visible in the bottom navigation bar.
  • Comments on posts via the web now extend the text area as you write a comment longer than two lines 😄
  • Partners can now create their own customized help site! Please reach out to your Success Manager for help with this too.

iOS 1.40.2 | Android 1.40.2 Bug Fixes & Performance Improvements

  • Updates to onboarding to simplify and call out a few buttons just a tad bit louder
  • Updates to the Android SDK
  • Linking of New Member Notification directly to the user profile
  • Improvements to the “You’ve Been Approved” group notifications
  • In your control center, we’ve also added new tools for Hashtag Search, curation and exploration so you can see content based on tags on a more detailed level.

iOS 1.40 | Android 1.40 New Verified Tools & Single Sign On

  • “Verified” is now toggleable so you can remove it from your community if you would like to! (Reach out to your success manager for this one)
  • Single Sign On (SSO) is now supported as a sign up method, so if you’re using a third party software or other solution you can integrate your sign on flow using SAML (Reach out to your success manager for this one too)
  • Updated analytics in the onboarding to improve tracking
  • If there are no posts in your home feed, there’s a new zero state message displayed to users.
  • Improvements to domain masking performance and URL’s
  • We’ve also added “Search” to your discover on web so folks can find groups and other users on their desktops 😄

July, 2019

iOS 1.39.13 | Android 1.39.16 Small Data Updates & Analytics

  • (iOS) DMs Push Notification copy was changed to fit Apple Design Standards
  • (Android) Apps are now 64bit and compliant with the play store
  • More analytics in onboarding and better data capture!

iOS 1.39.12 | Android 1.39.14 Performance & UX Improvements

We’ve added some more analytics to the onboarding workflow so admins can understand their acquisition funnels more effectively (more to come here) along with…

  • Improve upload speed for image + video content
  • Added a “pending user” status for those individuals who haven’t yet been approved for private communities
  • Add the option for admins to enable “new member notification” for smaller communities
  • Dedicated notifications for LIVE posts
  • Bug fixes and under the hood improvements
  • [Web] A “New Posts” button to be notified when new content is created on the web via your home feed

1.39.11 UX Improvements

We’ve made a change to notifications in onboarding to ask for them sooner in the experience so users can opt into being notified about your community.

We’ve also released an update that enables two different types of community opt-in’s meaning that you’ll be able to create both an opt-out model and opt-in model for followers in your community. Reach out to your success manager for assistance with this one 🙂

June, 2019

1.39.10 Onboarding Adjustments

We’ve made some small tweaks to the onboarding experience to add some small micro copies and make things a little bit clearer for your community.

1.39.9 Web Post Creation & Edit Slide-out Menu

A long time coming! We’ve added post creation on web. Now you can post content to your community from your desktop and share until your heart is content!

We’ve also made the update for partners to adjust their slide-out menu to customize what communities have access to as the quick access point.

1.39.8 Patch & Bug Fixes

Bug Fixes & patches along with an update to GDPR Compliancy Update; now users must complete a check box when creating their account to opt into the agreement.

1.39.7 Patch & Bug Fixes

Small bug fixes and updates to the UX.

1.39.6 Patch & Bug Fixes

A fix to update and improve the account creation workflow.

1.39.5 Patch & Bug Fixes

A new minor view adjustment in control center making it easier to get into your community via admin. Community admins can now also edit and change their app store listing page right from their control center. iOS Improvements:

  • Added swipe to refresh ability for DMs
  • Fixed an issue where users could not leave a live stream.
  • Fixed an issue where the like icon aspect ratio was wrong

Android Improvements:

  • Fixed an issue where group deep linking didn’t support dashes
  • Fixed an issue with account creation not recognizing periods
  • Other bug fixes

1.39.4 LIVE! In Groups

Now, you can livestream your best content anywhere inside of a community. Any and all groups now support LIVE! creation and viewing right from your mobile device.

1.39.3 Update

We caught (and fixed) a bug that was causing some users to crash when their app loads. It’s fixed!

May, 2019

Custom Onboarding

First impressions are meaningful – which is why we’ve put the power of creating that impression in your hands. 

Read our blog post or feature page to get a better understanding of what you can do with this capability.

Custom onboarding cards are a great addition for brands and organizations to welcome new members into the community.

New Login & Registration

The importance of an amazing login and registration process can NOT be understated. We’ve made serious improvements to make the experience more “fool proof” and complete – a massive undertaking that included a complete redesign and new builds for both iOS and Android.

An improved user interface for onboarding gives community members a better login and account creation experience

Improved Video Quality

From Live streaming to upload and captured video, we’ve improved our video quality by more than 3x. 

Coming soon: The recording of live videos will be available for playback in under 3 minutes.

Custom Domain Support

For those who want to amplify their brand even more, you can now run your Honeycommb web application on your very own custom domain. 

Reach out to your Success Manager to learn more or to get your custom domain up and running.

“Position Statement” Field

There are many parts of the experience that require a short, clear, concise message that informs the world of what your network is all about. You can edit this statement at any time in your Control Center.