Honeycommb Product Update 1.38

Last week we pushed an exciting update to Honeycommb for Android, iOS, and Web experiences. In update 1.38 we added account switching, notification analytics, and added the ability for all users to “Go Live” and live stream content from their device.

Continue reading for more details on the latest improvements to the Honeycommb platform.

Account Switching

Account Switching In One United USA

We look at every software update as a chance to make management of a community as easy as possible. With our new account switching feature admins and users can easily toggle between their personal accounts and the accounts of the managed organization.

How to Switch Accounts:

Long press (holding your tap for more than a few seconds) on the profile icon in the main menu (bottom right of the app). Up will pop a new menu where you can select from one of your other profiles or add a new one by logging in to an already existing profile.

Notification Analytics

Now, you can better understand the impact push notifications has on your community. You’ll have new data and performance on sending out notifications to the entire community and/or the targeted audiences you’re reaching.

Custom Push Notification from One United USA

Using push notifications as a strategy to communicate and engage your members is important and offers a great user experience. As a result, you’ll see a drastic increase in interactions which leads to more engagement. When leveraging push notifications into your community strategy, you can consistently increase the relevancy and value that’s delivered to your users which ultimately drives more conversation and discussions.

Universal Access to Live Stream

Everyone Can Go Live!

All user accounts now have the ability to Go Live. Video has had a huge impact on social media and brand marketing because social experiences that are visual-first are most engaging. We’re excited about live streaming because of the immediacy of the content and unscripted experience consumers don’t get with pre-recorded video. It’s one of the most genuine ways to connect with an audience and allows for levels of personalization that the marketing industry hasn’t achieved before.

Groups on Web

Groups are a big part of the way our communities are organized. Adding groups to the web gives the user another way to connect with their niche inside the community and other like-minded members. The web offers another channel which may be more easily accessible for a user during different times of the day. This keeps members updated and increases engagement because of the consistency across platforms.

Group View On The Web

Groups enable you to grow your community through SEO and it serves as another avenue for users to register for your community online.

And, as always, we’ve squashed a few bugs and have made some performance improvements.

If you’d like, please connect with your success manager for a walkthrough of chat and a full tutorial to stay updated.

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