Community Spotlight: Lady Gaga and her fans, Little Monsters

In 2018, Lady Gaga showed the world she’s not just an artist but a very talented actress, as well. If you’ve scrolled through your social feed after the 2019 Oscars, you’ve undoubtedly seen news on the chemistry between Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper, seen A Star is Born, and/or heard her song Shallow. She’s been taking over all media this year but the real magic is inside Lady Gaga’s fan community, Little Monsters. By creating a digital space for her fans to gather and engage, she’s created a safe space where she can connect directly with them and they can connect with each other. The wins are surely celebrated accordingly and there’s endless support for every Little Monster in the community.

Over the last decade, Lady Gaga changed the definition of a “pop star” and, more importantly, how a celebrity could and should interact with their fans. She has always gone above and beyond to make her fans feel welcome, comfortable, and appreciated. Little Monsters continue to prove their love and devotion to her by spreading her word of inclusion and fighting against cyber-bullying.

At Honeycommb, we’re excited to power the Little Monsters community and help Gaga create a safe haven for her fans.

Take a look at some of the highlights of her community:

Lady Gaga to her Little Monsters

Little Monsters to Lady Gaga:

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3 thoughts on “Community Spotlight: Lady Gaga and her fans, Little Monsters

  1. Bradley and Gaga sitting in a tree kissing then come Gaga with a baby carriage haha! have been saying that Greasy Cooper is like. a whole new and different and beautiful thing. This movie is this year’s Schumer rumor.

  2. But it’s Gaga’s acting that shines through as the film’s truest revelation. Not that we didn’t know she was more than capable. like these would resonate based on Gaga’s performance alone, but they take on an added layer of significance for those of us familiar with the singer’s real-life story, which mirrors Ally’s at crucial points.

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