Zapier How-To: Send Direct Messages Automatically

Honeycommb’s Zapier integration now supports sending direct messages to members of your community. We recently hosted a webinar that shows how Zapier can be used to automatically send Direct Messages to users. Watch the how-to videos and reference the text below.

Example use-cases for this automation:
– Send Welcome Message to a user’s inbox after sign-up
– Send Direct Message after a user purchases a community or group subscription

Full How-To Tutorial:

Copy this Zapier Zap –

Copying this Zap will add a basic Send Direct Message zap that will require your customization, including filling out the settings in each step *and* including adding the “Code by Zapier” step after pulling a webhook.

Setup Preparation – Settings to Consider before Setup

What is your Direct Message setting in your Community Settings?
Do you allow everyone to message Everyone, or do you have your Direct Message setting set to Followers? Followers = Users must be mutually following to DM

If set to Followers, you will need to add Create User Follow steps in Zapier to set your accounts to mutually follow each other.

Which account will send the Direct Message?
Who should send the DM? Do you want to send it from your main account, someone on your team, or maybe a “DM Bot” account? Create this account if it doesn’t exist.

Example Zapier Setup Steps:

Zapier: Catch Raw Hook – Webhook

•Create the Webhook in Honeycommb – User Created or User Approved webhook is what would most likely be used if you’re adding users to groups as part of your onboarding experience.

Honeycommb: Create a New User

•Create & Approve a new user after your Webhook has been created and connected between Honeycommb and Zapier. Creating a test user will add data to the webhook and help with testing.

Zapier: Run Javascript – Code by Zapier

•This step reformats the data from your webhook

•Grab code from:

Special Note / Optional Zapier Step:
IF your accounts need to mutually Follow because of your “Followers” Direct Message setting:
Add two Create User Follow steps to set both accounts to follow the other, then add the Zapier steps below.

Zapier: Honeycommb Action – Find or Create a Chat

1.  Sender User ID = the user ID for the direct message sender/bot

2.  Recipient User ID =  grab UserID from the Javascript Zapier step (Step 2 in your Zap)

Zapier: Honeycommb Action – Create a Chat Message

  1. User ID = the User ID for the Direct Message sender/bot

2.  Chat ID =  type in Chat ID and grab from previous Zapier step

3.  Body = The text of the message you are going to send the User

Honeycommb offers Zapier Add-Ons

Need additional support, or need more Zap capacity? Consider our Zapier Add-ons!

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To Add these Add-Ons:
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Customers with accounts prior to June ‘22:
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Sam Houston

Director of Community Success

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