Zapier How-To: Add Users to Group

Honeycommb’s Zapier integration continues to become more powerful as we continue to invest and add automations. We recently hosted a webinar that shows how Zapier can be used to automatically add users to a Group. Watch the how-to videos and reference the text below.

Example use-cases for this automation:
– automatically add users to Groups when they first join
– add users to Groups based on the custom fields answers given at sign-up
– add users to Groups based on filling out a form (Google Forms, etc)

Full How-To Tutorial:

Copy this Zapier Zap –

Copying this Zap will add a basic Add-To-Group zap that will require your customization, including filling out the settings in each step *and* including adding the “Code by Zapier” step after pulling a webhook.

Example Zapier Setup Steps:

Zapier: Catch Raw Hook Webhook

•Create the Webhook in Honeycommb – User Created or User Approved webhook is what would most likely be used if you’re adding users to groups as part of your onboarding experience.

Honeycommb: Create a New User

•Create & Approve a new user after your Webhook has been created and connected between Honeycommb and Zapier. Creating a test user will add data to the webhook and help with testing.

Zapier: Run Javascript – Code by Zapier

•This step reformats the data from your webhook

•Grab code from:

Optional Zap Action Step: Filter by Zapier
•OPTIONAL: Run a “Filter by Zapier” Action that Only Continues If the user has answered a Custom Field question with an answer that you specify.

This Custom Field answer will be what you use to determine which group you add the user to – IF the user’s answer to a custom field includes text or matches your desired answer, the Zapier will continue and add them to the group you specify.

Zapier: Honeycommb action – Find Group
Find the group on Honeycommb – required info:

Name: Input the exact name of the Group that you’re going to add users to.

Slug: From your Control Center, grab the Slug from the Group Information in control center.

Zapier: Honeycommb action – Group Join Request

The Group Join Request requires the following info:

•Input the User ID, this will populate the user join that we want to place into the group

•Add the Group ID that we want that user to go into; grab this from your Find Group step

•Make the State = Approved because we want this user to automatically head into the group

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Sam Houston

Director of Community Success

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