Honeycommb Product Update: June 2022

June was buzzing with new UX updates in your network’s apps and an integration with a top learning management system, Thinkific. 

Publish to Groups from Home Feed

With just a few taps from the post button, it’s quicker & easier for a member to publish into a group right from their home feed instead of navigating to that group first.

Thinkific Integration

Thinkific is a popular learning management system that’s often linked to a community’s courses from the slide-out menu. With this native connection, your user will be authenticated and not be required to log in again. 

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Rename DM Conversations

To support community connections and keep inboxes organized, members can now name their Direct Messages (DMs).

More Product Updates:

Latest Zapier Release (1.60.0)
Newest Zaps supported includes automatically sending a direct message to all members of your network, automatically approving a closed or gated group join request, and forcing a member to automatically follow another member.

Oauth2 for SSO
In addition to already supporting SAML 2.0, Oauth2 will be available to connect your identity provider to be used for Single Sign-On (SSO) as the only method of access to your network.

Link Support in Group Description
URLs are now clickable in the description of a group. This will help admins add resources at the fingertips of their group members for more direction.


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