Unlocking Honeycommb And Zapier For Powerful Community Automation


Honeycommb & Zapier are an incredible combination.

Honeycommb now integrates beautifully with the most popular app to app communication software in the world. This will enable Honeycommb community administrators to automate workflows that will greatly help them grow, engage, and manage their communities.

A Quick Refresher: What Is Zapier?

Zapier is an online automation tool that connects your favorite apps, like Gmail, Slack, MailChimp, and thousands more apps and platforms. You can connect two or more apps to automate repetitive tasks without any coding or relying on developers to build the integration.

Here are a few recipes that we recommend to help scale your automation amplify the experience for your users while making it easy for your admins 😄

Automate: Add New Users To A Group (or list of groups)

A very common request from our partners, you can now create a workflow using Zapier that automatically adds news users to groups. A few things to consider:

  • Would you like to use custom fields to help tailor the group selection?
  • Are you implementing Single Sign On?
  • Are the groups you’re adding users to open or closed?
  • Are you using email automation to communicate a message of confirmation?

Adding a new user to a group, or a list of groups is a great way to immerse them into the experience of your network and build a relevant and tailored experience for your people.

Add Membership Tools to Honeycommb


If you’re not using Honeycommb for your membership product (i.e. you’re using Memberful or Memberstack) and would like to simply take advantage of our community solution, you can use Zapier as a workflow to….

  • Create a user when someone signs up for your membership product/tier
  • Update the status of a user when they no longer pay (move from approved → banned)
  • Add a user to a group if they pay for additional access using your platform

Further marry the two system together, you can also add a custom menu item to your community to point users to your membership experience. Learn More About Custom App Menus.

Add Course Tools to Honeycommb


Similar to using Honeycommb for your membership product, you can connect your Course Platform to Honeycommb using Zapier. So, for users that are actively paying for your course, connect Zapier to push and create users on Honeycommb and adjust their access accordingly.

If they’re paying for access to your course, create and update the status to “approved.” If the user is no longer paying, you can update their status to “banned” or remove them.

Automate: Content Moderation

For community managers that want to keep a certain list of keywords or phrases out of their community, using Zapier can help automate tasks at scale and relieve the stress load on community managers and moderators within a network.

If a post contains a certain key-phrase or word that doesn’t comply with your community guidelines then that post can automatically be removed from the community by pushing the command through Zapier.

Automate: Updating CRM User Records


If you use a CRM to keep detailed records about your users, then that CRM can push and pull data from your Honeycommb community. In this case, you can tackle a few different automations:

  • Create a user from Honeycommb → CRM
  • Put a user on a specific list in your CRM based on their custom fields
  • If an attribute updates in the CRM, push the updated attribute to their Honeycommb profile

Automate: Banning A User

Updating the status of a user can be based on a trigger or an action directly sent from Zapier. A couple of ideas to spur you off and provide some insight into what this might look like:

  • Ban a user if they no longer pay for your membership product (on a different platform)
  • Ban a user for using a specific word in your community (very strict, yes)
  • Remove access from a user that’s no longer enrolled in your course

Automate: Publishing Content


Honeycommb Supports the intake of an RSS feed direct to your community, but for some partners that want to take news or information from sources not auto-published via RSS, you can set up a Zapier automation to handle the creation and distribution of content to your network.

These ideas are just the tip of the iceberg! Feel free to reach out to your Success Manager to learn more or to tell us how you’d like to use the Honeycommb Zapier integration to automate… well, whatever you’re trying to automate.

Send us a note with your request: Hey@honeycommb.com. Feel free to see our help article on our Zapier App as well!

We can’t wait to see how this new, powerful tool amplifies the value of your community to the world!

Reach out to Honeycommb today to get started or Book a Demo to see what we can build together for your audience.

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