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Launching My Community Membership On Honeycommb

Today, we’ve connected with a Honeycommb community owner, Tom Cassidy on his strategy, approach and launch a Community Membership product for the The Choose Button. Positioned as a membership-learning community, The Choose Button is based out of the United Kingdom and focused on helping individuals become more aware and in touch with how to be more aware of decision making.

From a positioning perspective, they position their community as so:

The Choose Button App is more than an App, the Choose Button is a gateway through which You enter and access a system that will teach You how to Choose. We will also knock on your screen daily to remind you to Choose, our program has videos, live events, programs & so much more. Lots of people throughout our lives told us what to do, but not one person taught us how to Choose. The greatest myth is that we consciously Choose all the things we do. The Choose Button will wake you up and free You up to Choose … there is another way to live and we’d love to share that way with You.

First off, tell me a bit about The Choose Button. What is the brand positioned to do? 

Tom Cassidy: It’s a gym membership for your awareness – a life coach in your pocket.

It has 3 components:

Random daily notifications to interrupt your thinking in the ‘busyness’ of the day.

Daily reflections within a weekly theme, over an evergreen programme in 13 week increments.

Library of resources on all the different topics that people might need help with Relationships, finances, energy, health, etc…

So it’s random notifications + weekly dojo + extensive library of resources to explore

What have you designed for your value proposition?

TC: Imagine having a personal coach to remind you about all the things that will make you feel good, up-regulate your energy just when you need it, keep your attention on the things you think are important in life, for the price of one coffee per week.

How did you get to your pricing structure?

TC: We wanted the cost to be easily palpable for users, so we’re at a simple “cup of coffee per week” priced at $10 per month. Although we bill in GBP and not USD.

What was the process like for setting up your community membership on Honeycommb?

TC: Easy! Very simple to follow. Everything was straightforward and my success manager handled the majority of the setup 😉

What did you find as a critical component to conversion strategy?

TC: The leaders of the program are called Wiz & Liz and they have been running personal development program for about 15 years. Their flagship program is a 5-day intensive course for about $3,500.

Wiz posts plenty of videos on Facebook with a very simple down to earth message and many of them get a large number of views. One of his videos called ‘F*ck it’ went pretty viral and has over 1.1m views on Facebook so far.

Their audience has asked for a long time to make their programs available online so that people outside of the UK can participate; and also, not everyone has that kind of cash to throw at a personal development course

I’ve been working in the online learning space since about 2011 and I have a few hundred thousand student enrollments on my learning platforms, most notably with Udemy. My programs all focus on avoiding overwhelm by concentrating on just one thing at a time.

So we created a version of their intensive course spread over 13 weeks that we are using Honeycommb to deliver.

So this was our approach:

  1. We first created a private facebook group: The Choose Button and invited people who followed Wiz and Liz to join. We have around 1,300 people in this private
  2. We then invited everyone inside this group to sign up for the app.
  3. We gave them a 7-day free trial
  4. We have had around 650 people register for the app but currently have only 125 people on the paid monthly plan; so roughly ~19%

Do you have any plans to adjust conversion strategy in the future?

TC: In the future, we’ll probably look to make a few tweaks to improve. A couple of ideas that we’re sourcing:

  1. Charging people $1 for the trial so we collect CC up-front
  2. Giving people a 2-week trial so they have a better chance to check out the community and get hands on with the experience
  3. Simplifying the app structure so it’s less overwhelming when they first join

How integral is community to the value deliverance of your membership?

TC: Community is where all the breakthrough happens. It’s everything.

Was it easy for your audience to start and manage their membership?

TC: I think so. Very few issues – although perhaps a lot of people didn’t ever put their details in, so it’s a bit hard to tell whether problems here caused people to re-think, or at least pause.

From your experience thus far, what are some positive examples of how your community has responded to their experience in The Choose Button?

TC: They love the daily practices

They adore the random notifications around 3-4 times everyday

They love the community shared insights and reflections on the daily teachings. It’s golden. Come for the content. Stay for the Community!

Comments from The Choose Button Community Membership Private Facebook Group

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