6 Questions To Ask Your Community Platform

So, you’re evaluating community platforms as you look to create a dedicated network that you own and control. In creating a community for your most loyal people, those that your brand cares the most about, it’s important to think about a couple of critical questions before finalizing your decision on which platform you’ll build your foundation on.

We wanted to provide a couple of answers to the most thoughtful questions you should ask from our point of view at Honeycommb. Take a read!

1. How do you provide best practices to partners and create opportunities for knowledge sharing amongst community managers?

Creating community is what we do best. So, we like to have our cake and eat it too by creating community amongst all of the partners on our platform. Last year we launched Colony, a dedicated platform for every partner community that we support.

We use Colony for a range of different communications:

  • Sharing product updates with new releases for Android, iOS, Web and Control Center
  • Creating and facilitating connections amongst Honeycommb Community Managers
  • Partner polls & surveys in regards to product development
  • Learnings & best practice resource for tactical and strategic community management
  • New articles from the Honeycommb knowledge base for support and how-to trainings

Upon launching your network with Honeycommb, you receive an immediate invitation to join Colony (along with anyone else on your team) for access to resources and knowledge sharing from day 1!

2. How does your community platform differentiate from others in the market?

We pride ourselves in providing a world-class community experience and creating value with every touchpoint with our partners and partner-communities. We differentiate from others in the space in a couple of ways…

A Better White-Labeled Experience

Honeycommb can be 100% white-labeled and branded by a partner. Customizing the experience (down to the “like” icon) is an incredibly valuable experience for each brand we work with. Learn more about Customization Options


Sometimes, communities don’t start with 100,000 people, and that’s okay! As the leader in a turn-key experience, we provide a grow-with-you pricing structure for communities that grow in size and engagement over time. Learn more about Honeycommb pricing

More Consistent Releases & Updates

You can read a bit more below, but our engineering and product development team are world class .

3. How do you help customers measure and prove ROI of your technology?

Measuring success of a community is very dependent on the objectives and initiatives of the brand. As much as the platform is a critical element of measurement, the key performance indicators won’t mean anything unless you’ve established alignment with the brand objectives.

Our success team helps partners align on their objectives so their community goals end up aligning with their brand goals. Beyond that, we help by providing consistent reporting of the KPIs tied to your brand objectives.

4. How do you promote user adoption of new releases?

Because you own your audience, we don’t directly communicate with your users. If you’d like to communicate new product updates and releases of new features, that’s well within your power and our Success Team will help you brainstorm and execute the best way to share updates with your people.

5. How often are there new releases of your software?

At Honeycommb, our engineering team is agile. That means we’re constantly improving and maintaining the entire ecosystem of your community platform; Android, iOS, Web, The Control Center and everything that comes with the system.

We support the entire verticalization of your community platform

In the Development layer, we’re pushing out new updates to the platform on a weekly basis. If you’re curious on what’s recently released, check out our Product Updates page.

6. How do customers participate in product development and roadmap?

Our partners have open access to share feedback and questions about the product and platform with their success manager at any time.

Our roadmap is driven by the feedback we receive from our partners; so we take every bit of feedback and suggestion, whether it be large or small, and evaluate the prioritization of that update or feature request.

Curious about learning more? Here are a couple of good resources:

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