I Joined, I was Welcomed, and Now I’m Ready to Conquer

I’m joining Honeycommb after experiencing two very different roles, two very different workplaces, and two very different cultures. Today, that’s all changed, my role as the growth strategist at Honeycommb has married my past experiences into a position where I can follow my passion. I’m a people person and definitely thrive on the relationships I have in my personal and professional life. It sounds a bit crazy but I missed the late night calls and the genuine thank yous for making lives easier with the service I provided when I worked in Biz Dev. All the while, I have a true passion for all things digital. Joining the team at Honeycommb is an opportunity to not only expand my experience in digital but also join a team with a special culture. I realized this through ‘The Hive’ almost immediately after joining.

Once I officially accepted the job at Honeycommb, I was promptly sent a link to download and join “The Hive”. The Hive is what we use at Honeycommb to share success, recognize performance and give our culture a place to live. I didn’t know what to expect but I also didn’t know what I was missing. I probably spent 10 minutes scrolling, learning about new co-workers and their focuses. It wasn’t even an hour later that I got a notification that read “Great News: Our team just got a little bit bigger”.

I opened to a welcome message from our CEO making the announcement to the company. I already felt a part of the team; one-hour after accepting my offer.

The first words out of Sean’s mouth were, “I have some great news I want to share with the team. Stacey has decided to join Honeycommb and we can’t wait to have her start.” Sean, our CEO, just made a video about ME. This is a different kind of professional welcome I’ve never received; a simple gesture that felt like an outrageously humble act.

The Welcome Announcement To the Honeycommb Team

Shortly after the video was posted, my phone was buzzing with several notifications from my new team members with warm welcomes. I was drinking the kool-aid from day one and found myself going back in time and watching every ‘Monday Briefing’ available and reading updates on the team over the past few months. Within 20–30 minutes I was fairly up to speed and heavily invested… but I still had two weeks left before I could start.

During those next two weeks, I kept in touch through ‘The Hive’. My onboarding started without me realizing it! I watched the briefings live along with the team and felt comfortable enough to engage with everyone’s content. They knew me and I knew them already. I couldn’t wait to meet them in person and get working!

Before starting a new job, those final two weeks are full of different stresses like tying up loose ends at the role you’re leaving and anxiously awaiting the next chapter in your career.

Joining ‘The Hive’, immediately immersed me in the team’s culture, their daily tasks, their celebrations and how they connected during work hours and outside of work.

Ringing In The New Team

There was a sense of calmness on my first day. I was able to focus on my new responsibilities and setting myself up for success. Rather than having to worry about learning names and titles, I was honed in on tackling my new role.

Lots of companies talk about the importance of culture but it’s not until they start investing in the tools and resources for their people that their culture has a place to live and breath.

The team recently launched ‘The Hive’ so I was the first Honeycommb-er who experienced all of this prior to my first day and the impact was immense.

You might not have guessed that we aren’t shoulder-to-shoulder under the same roof every day. As a remote-first team, keeping people connected to one another and the mission is imperative to success; our success and other remote teams as well. We all work from different places through the US (and sometimes through the world) and yet this is the most connected and collaborative team I’ve ever been a part of.

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Stacey Politis

Growth Strategist for Honeycommb

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